What We’re Fighting For

Manufactured home communities can be a critical source of affordable housing in rural and exurban areas for working families and seniors on fixed incomes. However, over the past 20 years, manufactured home communities increasingly have gone from “mom and pop” enterprises to ownership by large corporations and private equity firms. Corporate ownership has brought with it an unsustainable business model of rapidly escalating lot fees – the rent residents pay for the land on which their homes sit — and decreasing investment into community operation. Residents are stuck, choosing between paying increasing rent, sometimes at the expense of food or medicine, or abandoning their homes.

Together, we can fight back, keeping our neighbors in their homes and making our communities healthy places to live. Winning means pushing for a new vision for manufactured home communities: an end to exploitative, profit-driven ownership of our communities. We’re fighting to hold corporate owners accountable, and for the policy protections we all deserve, including rent control, protections from unfair eviction and unfair lease terms, guarantees of healthy homes and communities, and freedom from harassment.

MHAction leaders also recognize that we have a shared fate with other tenants, low-income people, and all who face oppression and injustices. MHAction leaders speak out and fight for reform on an array of social justice issues that impact their neighbors and communities, such as climate justice, immigrants’ rights, and strengthening social safety net programs.