Policy Issues

Manufactured homeowners are impacted by national policy, and MHAction works to engage homeowners on policy issues that impact their lives and economic security.  One of the key issues that is near and dear to the hearts and minds of manufactured home owners is ensuring that our nation’s Social Security program is strengthened and expanded.  According to data from the U.S. Census and the Manufactured Housing Institute, of the 20 million Americans who live in manufactured housing, 23 percent – or 4.6 million – are retired.

MHAction’s work in manufactured home communities is part of a broader national campaign to protect and strengthen retirement security programs. MHAction was one of numerous grassroots partners around the country that were convened by the Center for Community Change in 2011 to work on protecting and improving Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Since then, the groups have organized hundreds of events, published dozen of Op-eds, met with and moved dozens of members of Congress, educated thousands of people, collected many powerful personal stories.  In 2013 MHAction leaders participated in the Center for Community Change’s Grassroots Ambassador Program to more effectively recruit, train and engage leaders in their local communities. Learn more at www.retirementsecurityvoices.org.

MHAction leaders from numerous states have arranged educational workshops in their communities and organized meetings with members of Congress or their staff to talk about the need to expand and protect our nation’s Social Security Program. In 2014, MHAction leaders wrote 436 letters to their members of Congress urging them to protect retirement security programs. In 2015, MHAction community leaders in Florida sponsored two events, in Orlando and in Daytona, that featured Nancy Altman from Social Security Works!, a national ally of MHAction. In 2016, MHAction Core Team leaders inserted educational sessions on the SAVE Benefits Act proposal before Congress into our LCT training curriculum.  This facilitated 221 direct phone calls to members of Congress in Utah, Florida and Illinois.

Beyond our engagement on issues related to Social Security, MHAction leaders also engage in national campaign work on a variety of economic and social justice issues.

In 2017 MHAction leaders participated in national campaigns to prevent federal budget cuts to Medicaid, SNAP, and HUD, and continue to be involved in state and national fights to expand healthcare access and adequate funding for important social programs. Additionally, in the wake of a rough Hurricane season, MHAction has worked with residents of manufactured home communities in Florida to fight for mh communities to be included in recovery plans and for a just recovery process that emphasizes the needs of impacted communities, not real estate investors.