Local Campaigns

MHAction supports groups that seek to make changes to local and state policy that will protect manufactured homeowners by ensuring adequate repairs and maintenance to infrastructure, limits unscrupulous rent increases, and holds property owners and local government accountable to the needs of community members. MHAction’s work on local and state policy changes is designed to boost the communications, online and leadership capacity of local and state level organization to better facilitate and win on key issues.

If you would like to MHAction to support your local campaign work, please review our guidelines for supporting local campaigns, and get in touch.

Examples of local work include assisting homeowners in Delaware on the passage of a “rent justification” law that protects manufactured home residents. This helps to lay the foundation for similar policy reforms in other states. An analysis of the work in Delaware by an MHAction community leader, Bobbie Hemmerich can be found in the “stories” tab of our website.

In 2015, MHAction Core Team leaders involved with the Utah Coalition of Manufactured Home Owners (UCOMH), worked to pass and fund a ‘Help Line’ for manufactured homeowners. The Utah Help Line was designed to provide a central location for Utah’s manufactured home owners to submit complaints and concerns involving their living situation. The Help Line project led to a report calling on the legislature to improve state manufactured housing law by adding an enforcement mechanism. Utah manufactured homeowners are continuing to push for this change.

In 2017, MHAction supported residents of manufactured home communities in Humboldt County in their effort to pass a ballot initiative to limit rent increases in mh communities in unincorporated parts of the County. This grassroots initiative was successful despite being outspent by opponents 10 to 1. MHAction continues to work with Humboldt County leaders who are pushing to expand rent control to incorporated cities in the region.

MHAction leaders and Manufactured Homeowners Association of Illinois board members are working for new legislation in the state that would ensure the safety of residents of manufactured home communities by preventing community owners from raising lot rents when they are in violation of health department regulations.