Who is MHAction?

MHAction is a growing national movement of manufactured homeowners who work to protect the affordability and quality of their communities through local and state campaigns. We also recognize that manufactured homeowners are not only “homeowners” but are people who are impacted by other public policies. For this reason we engage with national policy issues that impact the economic security and rights of manufactured homeowners.

This movement relies on the power of well-trained, committed grassroots leaders. The purpose of our work is to recruit, develop and train manufactured housing community leaders who will seek to mobilize other homeowners and residents to work on public policy campaigns to protect homeowners, engage corporate landlords, and weigh in on a variety of social and economic justice campaigns.

The work of MHAction is based on a set of core values, central to which are compassion for our neighbors and love of our communities. We believe that manufactured home communities play a key role in providing affordable, safe and accessible housing for all families, regardless of race, language, immigration status, class, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. MHAction staff and leadership infuse these key values into the core programmatic work of the organization.

Share information on MHAction with your neighbors by downloading and printing our brochure.