2209, 2017

MI manufactured home community facing 300% rent increase

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Last month MHAction heard about a community in Michigan facing a 300% lot rent increase. MHAction leader Terry Nelson, from IL, submitted the following editorial in response, calling for elected officials to stand up for manufactured homeowners.

1509, 2017

MHAction memo for Hurricane impacted manufactured homeowners

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In the wake of Hurricane Irma and Harvey our thoughts are with the many manufactured homeowners in Florida and Texas who were impacted by the storms. We've compiled a memo with some information on resources and potential issues to watch out for.

1509, 2017

MHAction is hiring a bilingual organizer!

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Help MHAction find our new staff person. Please share the included job description with your networks.

2508, 2017

Join MHAction leaders for a National Community Update call, Sept 6th

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Join MHAction leaders for updates on our work this summer and to learn how to get more involved in our organizing work.

1608, 2017

MHAction statement following white supremacist violence in Charlottesville

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Following the violent white supremacist and Nazi activity in Charlottesville this past weekend, MHAction Core Team leaders and staff felt compelled to issue a statement expressing our support for the community of Charlottesville. We also find it a necessary moment to reconfirm our ongoing organizational commitment to confront racism in all of its forms, and work to make our manufactured home communities safe and welcoming for all people.

1608, 2017

MHAction mid-year newsletter

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Check out our newsletter for some highlights of the fights manufactured homeowners have been supporting nationwide and reach out to info@mhaction.org if you'd like support moving your own work forward.

2806, 2017

Champaign/Urbana Manufactured Homeowner Meeting, July 8th

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Register to join manufactured homeowners in the Champaign/Urbana region for an in person meeting on Saturday, July 8th.

2806, 2017

July 6th National Community Call: Proposed federal budget cuts to HUD, Social Security, and Medicaid

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Register to join MHAction on our next community call, July 6th at 8pm eastern. We will be discussing the possible impact of proposed cuts to public programs.

1606, 2017

Proposed HUD cuts will escalate affordable housing crisis

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The President's proposed federal budget includes substantial cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Read MHAction's fact sheet for information on how these cuts would impact manufactured homeowners.

1406, 2017

Utah Coalition of Manufactured Homeowners’ annual convention

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Join the Utah Coalition of Manufactured Homeowners for their annual convention, Saturday June 17th.

1705, 2017

June National Community Call, June 1st 8pm EST

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Join MHAction for our June National Community Call, focusing on issues raised by residents of RV Horizon's owned communities.

1705, 2017

Florida MHAction Training and Meeting in Fort Meyers, May 24th

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Free training and meeting for manufactured homeowners in Fort Meyers, FL, region. Join us to meet other homeowners and discuss ways we can work together for better living conditions in our communities.

1904, 2017

MHAction Statement Supporting People’s Climate Movement

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MHAction has issued a statement in support of the People's Climate March. Many manufactured homeowners are increasingly impacted by climate change related weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding. Corporate management practices, such as decreased infrastructure repairs amplify these issues.

1303, 2017

Spring Cleaning!

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Manufactured homeowners and renters are taking action this April to throw out community owners' predatory business practices.

1602, 2017

MHAction has a YouTube channel!

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Check out our new YouTube Channel! If you have videos to add showcasing you're local organizing efforts, email them to shandra@mhaction.org

702, 2017

National Community Call, February 23rd

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Join MHAction for our first National Community Call of the year! This will be a joint call with members of New York Communities for Change and leaders from other community organizations that are fighting corporate owners of apartment buildings. We'll be discussing ways we can work together to fight back against the predatory real estate investors hurting our communities.

212, 2016

National Community Call, December 14th 7pm EST

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Join MHAction for our December Community Call to talk about building power in your community.

2211, 2016

Fall 2016 Newsletter

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Check out our Fall Newsletter for update on great work happening around the country.

1410, 2016

National Community Call, October 19th 7pm EST

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Join MHAction for our next community call to learn how to get involved in our national campaign to protect the economic security of manufactured home communities.

810, 2016

Video: MHAction partners with New York community groups to take a stand for manufactured homeowners and New York City renters

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Last week MHAction leaders from around the country traveled to New York City to protest the business model of corporate owners of manufactured home communities.

2508, 2016

Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc. Customer Complaint Process Survey Results

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MHAction surveyed residents of Equity LifeStyle Properties communities this summer to see how effectively ELS has communicated their complaint resolution process to homeowners and residents in their communities.

307, 2016

2016 Mid-year Newsletter

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Download MHAction's mid-year newsletter!

205, 2016

MHAction becomes an independent project!

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We’re excited to announce that on May 1st MHAction became an independent project!

3112, 2015

MHAction 2015 Year in Review

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Check out a wrap up of 2015.

1702, 2015

Press Release: Seniors, Manufactured Home Owners Gather in ND to Discuss Housing

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Manufactured Homeowners in Williston, ND plan gathering to meet and discuss housing concerns.