Beginning the week of April 10th, manufactured homeowners and renters will be joining forces with tenants of single family homes and apartments to let corporate landlords and community owners know that their harmful business practices need to go.

Local leaders will be planning events, from posting signs in their windows to holding press conferences outside their communities, to draw attention to our housing crisis and call for safe, affordable housing for all.

Manufactured homeowners will be doing some “spring cleaning” to sweep harmful business practices out of their communities. We are calling for an end to unsustainable lot fee increases, better maintenance and transparency on the condition of infrastructure, and improved communication between community owners and community residents.

Join an action near you, or use our action toolkit to create your own, and write a letter to your representative asking them to expand the power of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau to regulate leases in manufactured home communities.

For help planning an event in your community contact MHAction’s Organizing Director, Shandra at 313-444-0897 or