MHAction engages and empowers home owners and residents in manufactured home communities to build and win local, state and national issue campaigns that protect and strengthen the long-term viability and affordability of their communities. MHAction believes that manufactured home communities play a key role in providing affordable, safe and accessible housing for all. MHAction organizes across class, race, religion, age, citizenship status, sexual orientation and gender lines in order to build successful issue campaigns.

MHAction believes that climate change is a serious issue that impacts that economic and retirement security of manufactured home owners. The increasing frequency and strength of weather events due to climate change can have devastating impacts on the health and well-being of manufactured home owners across the country. We have seen numerous instances in which climate change has created emotional and economic havoc on manufactured homeowners and their surrounding community…Hurricane Sandy, drought in Western States, flooding in Colorado, hurricanes in Florida.

To make matters worse, the manufactured housing sector in America has been going thru a community ownership consolidation process that transfers ownership from “mom and pop” enterprises to large, multi-state corporations and private equity. This shift has brought to bear an unsustainable and environmentally harmful business model which is based on rapidly escalating lot fees and decreasing investments in community maintenance. This creates an economic trap for homeowners, who are unable to move their home for structural or regulatory reasons and must either pay increasingly high lot fees or abandon their property. Cost cutting by corporate owners also leads to decreasing investment in community maintenance resulting in increased wastewater treatment/septic system failures, improperly maintained roads and other infrastructure issues. Each act of disinvestment produces long-term, negative consequences on the health, well-being and environmental quality of life for manufactured homeowners and their surrounding community.

MHAction believes that concerted, aggressive action on behalf of the United States government regarding climate change is needed now more than ever. This means decreasing our country’s dependence on fossil fuels and increasing our reliance on renewable energy. This means expanding protections to ensure that all communities can benefit from clean water and air. This means increasing the regulatory oversight of large, corporate owners in the manufactured housing sector to ensure that proper investments are made in community maintenance. This means investing in environmentally friendly and sound infrastructure systems like hurricane tie-downs for homes and solar power systems for manufactured housing communities to promote the health and well-being of manufactured homeowners and the surrounding community.

MHAction believes that manufactured home owners can play a unique and powerful role in building a more just, equitable and environmentally sound future for all communities. Now is the time to take action to ensure that all communities are awarded a healthy, safe and sustainable future.