Jack Alderson: Living Through Community Ownership Changes

Fortuna, CA

I have lived in Royal Crest Mobile Estates for approximately 6 years. When I moved in it had a reputation of being senior friendly. After I moved in it sold and the existing managers left. Soon after things began to change. For example, overnight we were informed the dumpsters were being removed and we were going to pay for trash and garbage.

The out of area owners have created a maze between us and them. They really have shown that they do not care what we think. Just pay up or move out. The thousands of dollars that would cost are beyond the capabilities of many of the residents. Most of us are here because of the difficulty of living on a fixed income, we were looking for something within our means.  With increases in rent I have heard of seniors that have to decide what bills to pay, be it rent, groceries, heat, medicine or health care.

There is a new management team on board and there is hope for change, as they seem quite capable. But I still have doubts since the owners are never here and there has been a great deal of problems with maintenance. I have had electrical problems and the potable water system has proven unreliable. I keep a bucket in my bathtub for when we lose water. I hope to catch enough to flush the toilet until the water comes back on.

We have a dangerous situation now with the bluffs on the edge of the park over the ocean. It shows evidence of eroding away, and stability has not been properly addressed. We have the same problem with the streets, they were not designed or built for the loads now placed on them.