Support Social Security

Write to your representative to urge them to fight for legislation that ensures the long-term sustainability of Social Security by asking high income earners to contribute their fair share. Elected officials also need to update the cost-of-living formula to better reflect the real expenses that families and seniors face, and institute a care-giver credit which would prevent workers from being penalized if they must temporarily drop out of paid employment to take care of a sick or disabled family member.

Right now high-income earners and people who’s earnings come in the form of investment returns or corporate bonuses pay a smaller percentage of their income into the Social Security fund. Changing these laws so that we all pay the same percentage of our income is fair, and the extra funds raise would bring needed revenue to the program.

Elected officials should also stand against any efforts to privatize Social Security. Privatizing Social Security would place our retirement savings in the hands of Wall Street’s financial advisors, and leave them vulnerable to future economic downturns. Social Security has worked as a public program since its creation in 1939, we don’t need fundamental changes to the program to protect its future, we just need to modernize how it is funded.

Tell your representative the solution to Social Security’s funding program is changing its funding, not its benefits!