Stand Against Cuts to Medicaid and Medicare

Many manufactured homeowners rely on Medicaid and Medicare to help cover their healthcare costs. Cuts to either program would have a large impact on families and seniors already feeling financially squeezed by rising lot rents, utilities, and other fees.

We are deeply concerned that the initial draft of the American Health Care Act includes deep cuts to Medicaid. Estimates from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office predict that over time the legislation would greatly reduce the number of Medicaid enrollees and cut vital services provisions such as mental health and long-term care.

Additionally, changing funding for Medicaid to a block grant system could further reduce funds for the program, and shift funding responsibility to already strapped state budgets.

We can’t cut corners by throwing the most vulnerable members of society under the bus. Sign our petition to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan to let them know we believe any new health care legislation must not include cuts to Medicaid or Medicare.