Ask your Illinois State Senator to support rent control!

Illinois manufactured homeowners, tenants and affordable housing activists have an exciting opportunity to advance rent control in the state!

Current Illinois state law forbids local governments from passing rent control legislation, causing an affordability crisis in big cities, college towns and manufactured home communities.

Senator Hunter has introduced legislation, SB 3512, that would repeal the state law forbidding local rent control, which has been in place since 1997. This would give our local cities and counties the power to enact common sense rent regulations to protection Illinois’ affordable housing and the economic security of our families.

SB 3512 would also establish six regional rent stabilization boards with the power to enact local rent control measure. It would also enact rent control for households earning up to 120% of the regional area median income, protecting the state’s most vulnerable renters. SB 3512 would apply to all kinds of housing, including manufactured homes, but exempts small owner occupied housing developments with smaller than 6 rental units, creating an exemption for small landlords.

Manufactured homeowners in Illinois are joining other affordable housing activists and mobilizing in support of SB 3512. We must pass SB 3512 in order to address the skyrocketing rents in many of our mobile home parks. Join us in writing to your Illinois State Senator to ask that they co-sponsor this important legislation.