Become a California Affordable Housing Advocate!

Californians are standing together to pass the Affordable Housing Act, a proposed

ballot initiative that would restore the right of local communities to protect families from skyrocketing rents by repealing the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act. Passing the Affordable Housing Act will allow local governments to establish strong rent control policies, ensuring that all of our families can thrive in California.


  • We all want stability in our lives whether we rent a lot or rent a home. Corporate owners of manufactured housing communities and apartments are using the same predatory business model.
  • We need to stand together with our neighbors and fight for the right of our cities to enact comprehensive rent control policies that will protect us all, regardless of what kind of housing we live in.
  • Even though we know that manufactured homes are not the same as apartments, corporate community owners are treating them the same way. Corporate community owners frequently basing the fair market value of lot rents on local apartment rental rates. As long as corporate landlords are allowed to continue raising rents as much as they want all of us will suffer from increased housing prices.

If you’d like to join with other affordable housing advocates across the state and make sure the Affordable Housing Act passes, please complete this form. We’ll be in touch to let you know how you can help!